Council to Consider Ordinance Targeting Speeders in Detours.

Next week, the Council will consider an ordinance which would impose mandatory fines for speeding in certain neighborhoods. The only neighborhoods currently specified are those which experience extra traffic because of a nearby detour. So, at present, the ordinance affects only Sanston Sites, which is impacted by the Dry River Road detour. Based on calls from residents, our sense is that detoured drivers have too often violated traffic laws. (They may be unfamiliar with the road, or perhaps they’re running late because of the detour.)

The ordinance is based on § 46.2-878 of the state code, and it provides for a $200 mandatory, additional fine for speeders. The thinking is that the extra signage will provide notice and the additional fine will provide deterrence. Once the detour is behind us—in April, according to the contractor—the signs will come down and the ordinance will have no further effect in Sanston.

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