Charter Day

Today is Bridgewater’s Charter Day!  Bridgewater began as a small settlement by William Magill along the North River in 1746, a place that became known as Magill’s Ford and later Bridgeport.  On February 7, 1835, the Virginia General Assembly and Governor Littleton Waller Tazewell incorporated this community as Bridgewater.  From that original 20 acre parcel of land, as described in the Acts of Assembly, Bridgewater continues to grow as we enter our 186th year.  

In recent years, we’ve celebrated Charter Day with fireworks and activities at Generations Park. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we’ve opted not to partake in a celebration this year.  However, we look forward with optimism to days where we can come together as a community to celebrate such events once again.  

An excerpt from the 1835 Acts of Assembly incorporating Bridgewater as a town.

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