Be Active this week!

It is calling for a BEAUTIFUL week starting Monday!

Did you know the Town has 5 safe walking trails throughout various parks around the town?

  1. Riverwalk- 101 East Riverside Drive
  2. Wildwood Park- 606 West Bank Street
  3. Cooks Creek Arboretum- 211 Weeping Willow Lane
  4. WhiteLow Park- 4155 Dry River Road
  5. Bridgeview Park- 220 West Bank Street
The newest walking path in Town, Riverwalk, located at Edgebriar Park.

Obviously ALL of our parks you can walk through but be sure to go to these designated trails and tell us which trail is your favorite! Check out this article regarding brain health and walking.

“More oxygen getting to the brain is a good thing. Our brains use about 20% of our body’s total oxygen supply, so if we’re not getting enough oxygen up there, it’s easy to feel “foggy” or unfocused.

On top of that, about a third of the brain is made up of blood vessels, so it’s no wonder that substantial blood flow is important to brain health. In fact, increased blood flow to the brain is linked to better cognitive function, improved memory, and overall protection against decline.

The good news is, walking more is a relatively accessible goal for most people. You don’t need to start running marathons to improve your health, you can start by simply going for a walk. But keep social distancing at the top of your mind too, if you’re walking outside. Stay at least 6 feet away from people and consider wearing a face mask if you expect others to be around.”

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