Behind the Scenes at Sipe Center

Have you ever wondered just how movies are played at Sipe Center?  The days of projector reels are long gone, so how does it work?  Does an employee just put in a DVD and press play? Is it totally wireless, and an employee just logs onto the internet and presses play?

Nope! It’s somewhere in between.  The movie studio mails Sipe Center a hard drive (like the one photographed above) containing the movie.  Movie studios also e-mail an electronic key to unlock the movie.  The key is time sensitive, so the movie can only be played on specific dates contracted with the studio.  The hard drive is loaded into our projector equipment, and then uploaded to our digital cinema server.  Ingesting a new movie takes about two hours.  After ingesting, an employee pre-schedules the movie show times and saves them on our server. The digital cinema projection system we use is sophisticated enough to even control the lights inside of the theater!  After all the ingesting is complete, showing the movie is as simple as turning on all the projector equipment before the showtime.

Now you know how it works! Be sure to check Sipe Center’s calendar for upcoming movies and showtimes!

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