Sandy Bottom Park is Closed

Update: As of 9:45 this evening, the sewer line has been patched. There is no further need to minimize water usage. We will keep the Park closed until we can get it cleaned up properly. We are hopeful that we’ll be able to open it late tomorrow (Monday) but we will know more in the morning.

Please take note, everyone, that Sandy Bottom Park will be closed at least for the remainder of today (July 18). The closure includes Par 3, mini-golf, the picnic pavilion, beach volleyball, and all other amenities at the park.

A pressurized sewer line owned by the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Regional Sewer Authority (“HRRSA”) has burst, and sewage will likely flow into the Park as repairs are being conducted. HRRSA has no qualified repair crew, so crews from the Town and the City of Harrisonburg are working to repair the line. (We are grateful to the City for their help.)

Meanwhile, because the vast majority of Town sewage flows through the burst line, we do ask that citizens avoid unnecessary water usage until further notice. Minimizing water use will lessen damage to the Park, the surrounding areas, and the river.

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