Rockingham Cooperative Named as BBI Finalist

Great ideas, it seems, are not exclusively the province of new, upstart companies. As Rockingham Cooperative has proven, even venerable old institutions can have cool ideas. The company, which has served the town since 1924, has been named one of the three finalists in the quarter-million-dollar contest to find Bridgewater’s Best Idea.

If the Cooperative wins the BBI prize, it will undertake some exciting projects. Most obviously, it will renovate its iconic curved façade, but it will also painstakingly refresh the interior of the store. Included in the new interior floorplan will be a section for the consignment of locally produced goods. There will also be a dedicated outdoor space for local goods, and even an eCommerce platform for local products.

Along with Bridgewater Coffee and a finalist to be named tomorrow, the Cooperative will compete for the $250,000 prize in the ARP Tank at Sipe Center, on November 18 at 7:00. A panel of five judges will listen to the presentations, ask penetrating questions, and award the prize based on (i) benefit to Bridgewater residents, (ii) feasibility, and (iii) readiness. Admission will be free. Popcorn will be free. The excitement will be priceless.

Click here to add ARP Tank to your calendar.

Might the future façade read, “The House That a Great Idea Rebuilt“?

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