Bridgewater Coffee Named First Finalist in $250,000 Competition.

This week, we identify (in a random order) the three finalists for Bridgewater’s Best Idea (“BBI”). The first finalist is Bridgewater Coffee Co., located in the Martin’s Center. If awarded the prize, the coffee shop would expand its seating area, upgrade its appliances, and install a drive-thru location. Importantly, these improvements would increase the offerings available to Bridgewater citizens. The kitchen upgrades would allow for expanded breakfast and lunch menus, and the drive-thru would allow citizens access to a “well-crafted cup of coffee” with less exposure to the coronavirus or other germs.

Along with two other finalists, Bridgewater Coffee will compete for the quarter-million dollar prize in the ARP Tank at Sipe Center, on November 18 at 7:00. A panel of five judges will listen to the presentations, ask penetrating questions, and award the prize based on (i) benefit to Bridgewater residents, (ii) feasibility, and (iii) readiness. Admission will be free. Popcorn will be free. The excitement will be priceless.

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The coffee shop would use the $250,000 prize to build a drive-thru; plus they would expand both their seating and their menu!

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