ARP Tank Update

This week has brought a couple of exciting changes for our upcoming ARP Tank.  As you’ll recall the three finalists announced in October were Bridgewater Coffee, Connections Early Learning Center, and Rockingham Cooperative.

At the November Town Council meeting held this past Tuesday, Council members came to the conclusion that it will be difficult for any commercial enterprise to win against a 501(c)(3) offering a human service.  Thus a motion was made and passed to remove Connections Early Learning Center from the competition and make provision for them outside the BBI process.  Town staff then contacted the next highest ranking contestant and invited them to participate in our ARP Tank event.  We are pleased to announce that they have accepted and the new ARP Tank contestant is…. (Drum roll please)… Macado’s Inc.

If awarded the prize, Macado’s will restore to its former glory the old Berlin Building/Dickson Drug Store at the corner of South Main and West College Streets.  When completed, the top floor will house three luxury apartments and a new Macado’s restaurant will operate out of the ground floor.  The restaurant’s interior space will also be restored to its former height and the original tin ceilings will be exposed and restored.

Along with Bridgewater Coffee and Rockingham Cooperative, Macado’s will compete for the $250,000 prize in the ARP Tank at Sipe Center, on November 18 at 7:00. A panel of five judges will listen to the presentations, ask penetrating questions, and award the prize based on (i) benefit to Bridgewater residents, (ii) feasibility, and (iii) readiness. Admission will be free. Popcorn will be free. The excitement will be priceless.

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