Another Year of Buzzing

This is our 391st and final post of 2022 on the Bridgewater Buzz. We started the Buzz two years and 767 posts ago with the goal of bringing you the latest news, information, and events as things happen here in Bridgewater. And as we enter 2023, that remains our objective, every day.

To all who have signed up for the Buzz, thank you! We have more than doubled our number of e-mail subscribers this year. For those who still haven’t signed up for our daily updates, we encourage you to do so! Please let your family and friends know that they’re missing out if they’re not subscribed to the Bridgewater Buzz.

We hope you continue to find the Buzz informative and helpful. Many members of Town staff either pitch ideas or write articles for the Buzz. We appreciate their ideas – we try really hard to make the Buzz fun to read while also relaying the important information you need to know to be engaged in Town events.

Again, we appreciate you following the Bridgewater Buzz and wish you a healthy and happy 2023!

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