Rumor has it…

In this occasional series, we try to inject some facts into wild and wooly rumors which float through town and social media. 

Rumor:  You’ve turned on the speed detection equipment in front of TA and are already writing tickets. 

Nope.  We don’t even have all of the equipment up, yet.  Once we do, however, there will be an education period where we share information with the public about what we’re doing.  Also, there will be a thirty-day period where we will issue warnings.   Look to the Current and the Buzz for more information in the coming days and weeks.  

Rumor:  You’re going to give everyone driving one mile over the speed limit a ticket in front of the schools. 

Our objective is not to write a million speeding tickets, it is to reduce speeding in the school zone.  The flashing lights have helped, but we know speeding still occurs pretty regularly.  We think photo enforcement will help.  (And we’re not even allowed to ticket at one mph over the speed limit.)

Rumor:  How is this legal?  I thought red light cameras were illegal?

Virginia Code § 46.2-882.1 allows photo speed monitoring devices in school crossing zones. 

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